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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Evil Bears is Back!

Trese Brothers vows today that we will bring back the epic gesture-to-kill action game, Evil Bears.

As our second game, but least successful by far, Trese Brothers sees a bright future in Evil Bears. It's unique use of the trace-the-gesture game play, coupled with bear-defense educational content is clearly appealing to the world populace.

Compared to every other game or project from the Trese Brothers studio, Evil Bears has generated by far the most has critical interest and acclaim. With quotes from adoring fans like "This game sucks - go back to make Star Traders" and "See Bears? Play Dead!" it is clear that the future of the Trese Brothers endeavor lies in this gem. With more than 80 copies of Evil Bears Elite sold in its first release, we are confidently planning our second release, a spring line of merchandise and a full console game to follow - Really Evil Bears.

Keep your fingers ready to trace obscure gestures, and watch the woods for sightings, fans. Evil Bears is back!


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