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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Templar Assault RPG

Narvidian Dawn

Templar Assault RPG has cross the 100 maps milestone with the release of a massive new campaign, Narvidian Dawn.  The campaign will challenge even the most veteran squads with its increased difficulty, challenging monsters, and sprawling levels.  

In the Narvidian Dawn campaign, the Templar brotherhood encounters the servants of an ancient power, the Narvidians.  Created during the times before the Star Traders Exodus, the Narvidian threat comes forward with its full might against the Templars from the dark of space.  Throughout the campaign, the histories of the man and the Narvidians are investigated and uncovered--revealing more of the deep history of the Star Traders game universe.  

The Narvidian Dawn campaign boasts:
  • New 16 Levels 
  • 5 New Monsters: Narvidian Cultist, Narvidian Gun Drone, Narvidian Hive Worker, Narvidian Cannon, Narvidian Disk Drone
  • 50 Hidden Secret Bonus Zones
  • 4 New Hidden Bonus Weapons
  • 2 New Hidden Bonus Armors
  • 8000 Bonus Zone Honor
  • 32 Bonus Zone XP

The new release also features a newly designed interface for the Templar squad control, seen above.  

The Narvidian Dawn campaign is extremely difficult, and can only be tackled by veteran squads and Captains.  One of the best tools that a captain can employ to bring his squad successfully through these levels are the single-use items that can empower and enhance a Templar squad for a single level, such as Ammo Pods.

Some of the new Narvidian enemies greatly out-class the Templars in terms of power, armor, and weaponry available.  The Templar warriors must stretch their abilities to the max and develop new strategies to overcome these new challenges and foes.


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