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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG v1.3.1 Released

A new release of the +Trese Brothers cyberpunk RPG +Cyber Knights RPG has been released to Google Play.

v1.3.1 - 7/14/2013

  • Added a new NBZ-wide Zoom Map with the option to display Contracts and Factions
  • Fixed Optimal Range Cyberware and Shotguns
  • To streamline game play, this release reorganized hiring in backrooms making the operation a single tap instead of multiple taps.
  • Improved the cyberware shopping experience by adding a display of the current character's Implant DV show in the shop window
  • Job Heat Scaled By Difficulty which means less heat for lower difficulties
  • Improved Starting Skills and Stats -- eliminating Firearms for Brawlers, increasing Face skills, balancing Cyberswords and making sure the average Athletics skill was sufficient.
  • Taxi Driver Heat Tolerance Difficulty Scaled -- it will be easier to get a taxi on the lower difficulty levels and harder on Brutal.
  • Reputation Loss More Scaled to Game Difficulty -- You will loose reputation less over time on lower difficulty levels.
  • Escaping Battles Easier on Lower Difficulty -- You can escape faster and closer to hostile characters on the lower difficulties.
  • Updated Help -- in particular, the Amazon App Store version of the help file.

Google Play Cyber Knights RPG Free

Google Play Cyber Knights RPG Elite

Amazon Cyber Knights RPG Free

Amazon Cyber Knights RPG Elite

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