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Templar Assault RPG v1.7.3 Release Details

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This release of our tactical squad combat game, Templar Assault, updates several campaign features for new and elite players. First, Andrew spent some time rewriting the campaign briefings for the Infernus System campaign to better integrate the details with the Star Traders game world, as well as to clarify mission objectives and events.

This release also includes several important updates for the locking system which was added at the beginning of the 1.7.x series of Templar updates. Now all locked campaigns will have a large lock icon and a list of lock requirements showing the status of each campaign. We've also been working to eliminate any issues with the campaigns unlocking prematurely -- they will now only lock if your Squad defeats each combat level required.

As part of the growing equipment catalog we've run into some items that become unbalanced when they are stacked. As a result this update includes a new set of balancing rules which will allow us to continue to add new and more advanced types of wargear without breaking the game balance. You will be able to activate 3-4 items per level.

The release also includes several other small quality of life fixes such as display scrap prices in the inventory, updated dialog artwork for specialist soldiers and some level updates and fixes.

Thanks again for playing.

v1.7.3 - 7/5/2013

  • New 'Infernus System' Campaign briefings 
  • Lock status shown directly in campaign list
  • Fixed bug with Campaigns being marked defeated too early
  • Limited active War Gear to 3 per level
  • Sale Honor prices displayed when selling gear
  • Fixed dialog art for Hydra / Neptune
  • Fixed Cities of Oblivion Victory condition

As always, you can play for free on Amazon or Google Play.

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