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Age of Pirates RPG v0.4.3 Released

This update features the results of a substantial amount of new artwork, ship design and game research by the team behind +Age of Pirates RPG at +Trese Brothers makers of the hit Android turn based game, +Star Traders RPG.

The new artwork, especially the more exact ship models will pave the way for a set of sailing and ship system upgrades as well as improve the visual appeal of the game.

Please, take a look at the new ships and enjoy the new unique Age of Pirates features like unlimited upgrade changes and replacements on a ship.

v0.4.3 - 8/9/2013

  • All New Ship Artwork for Player and Enemies
  • Ship Upgrades Can be Replaced / Swapped in Docks
  • Rumor Notices Always Occur in Ports
  • Fixed Reported Crashes and Invalid Rumors
  • Improved Performance in Main Map
  • New Flag: Kraken and Ice Demons
  • New Flag: Goa Confederation

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Google Play Age of Pirates RPG Elite

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Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG Elite


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