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Age of Pirates -- Continuous Improvements (and 0.6.7 Released)

Our game of adventure on the high seas has been available on the Android Market for about two months now and it has been an exciting process working with you, our players and fans, to build it and shape the direction it will go.

While the mechanics, systems and priorities of Age of Pirates RPG are being shaped there is also a process of continuous improvement to the game's interface. The early beta team had a pretty rough looking sea:

Early Beta AoP
Many steps along the way, each one incorporating lessons we learned from playing the game and listening to you. We are a long way from done, however, we're making rapid progress.

v0.6.7 on a HDPI Android

Age of Pirates has received an above average focus on the visual appeal of the game. The mechanics and stories are coming together as well and we hope you are enjoying the combination. In the spirit of continued improvements, here is another update for the weekend!

v0.6.7 - 9/27/2013
Stylish New Game Icon
New Reputation Bonus: Supply Powder During War
New Reputation Bonus: Ending Food Shortages
Fixed Bugs in Map at 5,5 and Coastline
Reputation Issues with Corsairs Resolved
New Rewards for Defeating a Kraken
New Rewards for Defeating an Ice Demon
Improved Performance / New Map Details

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Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG Elite


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