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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights - the New Clive Zep

In the next release of Cyber Knights cyberpunk RPG, the Runner who joins you at the start of a new sandbox game -- Clive Zep -- is getting an attribute and skill overhaul.

He has the great advantage of already joining as a type of runner who is a good foil to your Knight.  If you are a new Cybersword, he comes in as a Gunslinger.  If you are a Gunslinger, he comes in as a club wielding Cybersword.

Now, with the new Encounter system thrashing the streets of the NBZ, having the right set of skills and attributes makes a good team of Runners even more important.  So, Clive Zep has received a boost to both to help insure that he is immediately a useful member of the team.  He has gained a few attribute points (2 Strength for his Cybersword self, and 2 Dexterity for his Gunslinger self) as well as 2 Perception across the board, and he also now starts with 2 Intimidation.

Try out a new Knight and see if you find that Clive Zep is

  1. Easier to keep alive
  2. More important in Encounters out of the gate
  3. Exciting to plan into your XP strategy from the first moment!
Please share you thoughts about this new stat boost!  It will be out over the weekend!


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