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Heroes of Steel - Effective Curses and Buffs

Within Heroes of Steel, you have a group of four characters who you control and build out to create an effective, deadly, and heroic team.  We will write more about team design in upcoming blog posts, but one of the powers your different team members can bring to the table is their ability to use curses and buff talents to the team's advantage.

As you'd expect, curses let you bring down the threat or defense level of your enemies, while buffs will add all manner of bonuses and advantages to your team.  Each character has their own style of these talents -- for example both the Outlander and the Thief are much more individualistic characters, loners, and coming from a background of acting on their own.  This character background manifests itself in their talents, where they provide mostly self-only buffs, lack the ability to empower the team directly, and their ability to release curses against their enemy is enabled by their attacks and getting directly in the enemy's face.

The Wizard and Cleric character will come with the option to focus on cursing and buffing a bit more, and will provide more effective ways of doing so.  Their personalities are more focused on the heroes, their cohesiveness and success, and this comes through in their talents.  They will both bring these powers to the table, and will also be able to unleash them as area-effect spells, hitting multiple targets.   More on this soon!

Of course, your opponents (monsters and their respective leaders) will be slinging curses at your characters and buffing their own teams.  When you run into the wrong group or nasty boss with a mighty arsenal of evil talents, it has the potential to force drastic changes to your strategy to make up for the curses a boss might bring to the table, or the sudden spike in damage that your enemies are doing if they are properly empowered.


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