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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel - Polishing Phase!

With an eye on providing a world class alpha to our Heroes of Steel KickStarter Alpha Team, we are starting to complete on some of the really fun polishing that the game needs!  Today, I spent some time re-decorating the screen you'll spend the most time on -- the map with the corner HUD.  All new buttons (End Turn, Team, Next Character) went in, along with some very useful caps for your HP and SP bars, giving you a real sense of your risk level when you start getting hit or are using many of your talents.

You can also see the cleric's model got a bit of an overhaul in this screenshot.  As I finish the high resolution art for each character, its important to drive any costume changes back into the models!

We are very excited that the alpha is just around the bend up ahead, and we are getting ready for it in a big way!


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