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Heroes of Steel RPG Updates Improve Gameplay

Recent updates to Heroes of Steel RPG bring polish, balance and additional features and content to players who have both the free and paid content.

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v1.2.5 - 1/27/2014

  • Restored ability to tap on shop door, staircase, campsite and move
  • New back story dialogs in Oskahold (Barracks, Temple)
  • New back story dialogs in Riven Field (River Squid, Siege Camp)
  • Monster Details now show Armor & Resistance
  • Renamed Armor Dodge to Evasion to clearly differentiate from Combat Stat, Dodge
  • Reduced AP required to cast Farsight & Spirit Sight
  • Burst of Speed increased Dodge bonus
  • Fixing typos and crashes

v1.2.3 - 1/25/2014

  • Fixed Riven Field Crash (Episode 1 Act 2)
  • Attack Talents display AP based on equipped weapon
  • Corrected display of Cursing Attacks (Silent Stalker)
  • Magical weapon, staff, and shield items show all bonuses
  • Fixed Geraux's flaming blade
  • UI Polish, Dialog and typo fixes


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