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Heroes of Steel - v1.1.31 Released!

Grab Heroes of Steel's newest big release from any of the major mobile app stores!  The latest update is in review for Apple and Amazon at the moment, but will be released as soon as they have approved it.  Grab it now on Google Play!

Version 1.1.31 is a major polish release, we've done work on most of the major systems in the game, from adding new game music and sounds to balancing talents and adding new previously unavailable Talent powers.  We've taken some feedback from the community and reviewers to make movement in and out of Glom consistently use double-tap, improved our camera control, improved the AI planning phase, and done some work to streamline and simplify the game's intro.  It's a big one!  Don't want to get in on this tactics RPG goodness!

Heroes of Steel from App Store on iTunes

Heroes of Steel on Google Play

Heroes of Steel RPG on Amazon App Store

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v.1.1.31 - 1/16/2014
- Farsight Fog Area increases over levels
- Ranged Attack Spell Talents show Accuracy bonus
- Using Restore Point regenerates full HP / SP
- Added auto-scroll to "Talents" list
- All Traps can be spotted on the map (look close!)
- Double Tap Movement Consistently Used
- Camp sites not safe for leveling clearly marked
- Buildings in town better marked and easier to tap
- Music: new soundtrack for towns and wilds
- Consistent Application of Hit Effects/Blood
- SFX: monster curses and Glom now play sounds
- Improved Camera Control during Group Move
- Improved AI Planning Performance
- Added more monster variation
- Streamlined game intro


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