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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights - Job Catalog Growing!

A few releases ago, we introduced the new job type Raid.  The v1.8.27 release introduces the job type to plant a phracking device.  In this job type, you approach a Data Terminal, and use your Electronics or Hacking skill to plant a malicious device into the Data Terminal.  In a need-to-know world, you don't ask what the device is for, you just get it plugged in and slip away before anyone notices.

Also, this release adds the new Data Haven V2 Connector type, which brings Data Courier missions to the streets of NBZ for the first time.  If you're a Hacker or an AgentEX, you've got new job types that are build just for you!

v1.8.27 - 02/26/2014
- New Job Type: Plant Phracking Device
- New Connector Type: Data Haven (message, plant, data courier)
- New Data Havens: Yakuza Gambling Den, Howling Sea Inn, Murdered Mime
- Reduced AP cost and increased effectiveness of Dodge / Cover combat actions
- Now V2 Connectors: Church of St. Martin, Strong Owl Bar, Rare Flask Inn
- V2 Connectors upgrade target faction mix as you gain XP
- Improved titles for Contacts in Backrooms

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