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Cyber Knights v1.8.21 Spreads V2 Connectors Across NBZ

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v1.8.2 - 02/18/2014
- New Connector Type: Envoy Hub (escort, negotiate, threaten)
- Now V2 Connectors: V's Warehouse, Tuckmore's Saloon, Church of Faith, Fury & Redemption
- Now V2 Connectors: Finnigan's, Wet Bar, Black Rose, Howling Sea Inn and Purp N Dro Club
- Improved job offer UI to include indication of Knight's standing
- Added new Encounter - Burning Building
- Fixed typos and reported crashes

This release also fixed a bug where the V2 Connecters were not actually recognizing your XP, so you were not being sent to more dangerous locations (that was supposed to be included 2 releases ago). NOW they will send you into more dangerous places in the NBZ as you climb the XP ladder.

Expect more soon!

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