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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heres of Steel RPG Updated to v1.2.17

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The return to Red Hill

v1.2.17 - 2/9/2014

  • Added Boss to end of Red Hill Prologue (New Free content)
  • Improved challenges, curses, magic in Great Shaman fight
  • Move can be used at any point in the turn (even with 0 AP)
  • Improved character & monster animations
  • Balancing combat difficulty in Episode 1
  • Chests display magical properties of armor & weapons
  • Fixed typos and crashes

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  1. I am already stuck. Can't even find my first connector. Just wondering around doing nothing. Can't even play it. Please help, what am I doing wrong?

  2. Sounds like you are confusing two of our games -- mixing up Cyber Knights and Heroes of Steel, perhaps? If you need help we have an awesome player's forum full of very helpful people.

  3. And if you need customer support (refunds or whatever) please e-mail


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