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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights - Profession Specific Talents and First Electronic Equipment

The NBZ now features the first professional specific talent as Snipers get Kill Shot.  More are coming!

And, the first electronic gadgets went on sale, as Phracking Kits hit the streets.  If you are doing Plant Jobs for good money out of Data Havens, be sure to stop by and pick up one of these kits to increase your chance of success.  More electronic gadgets of all sorts are coming!

The last hold-out Connector south of the wall converted to a V2 Smuggler's Den Connector in this release as well.  Now, all eyes turn to new job types and the Connectors camping inside the city's core!

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1.8.4 - 03/12/2014
 - Sniper Profession gains "Kill Shot" special ability, requires at least 4 range
 - Updated Combat Section of help manual to include Aim, Position & Kill Shot rules
 - Phracking Kits for sale in NBZ - assist with Plant Jobs
 - Yakuza Gambling Den & Howling Sea Inn sell electronics equip (Phracking Kits)
 - Fixed prices for paydata sale - Negotiation now increases price
 - Harken Pawn Broker (Copely Square) is now a Smuggler's Den
 - Fixed typos and reported crashes

My Sniper, Ghost, completes her first assassination mission with Kill Shot!

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