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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel 2.1.3 Released!

Episode 2 is now fully available for Heroes of Steel!  Don't miss the massive expansion to the story which doubles the size of the world, dungeons, and towns. New monster types at every turn with new AI and new powers!  Can you hack it?

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this game! More subquests for Episode 2 are coming.

v2.1.3 - 3/13/2014
- Episode 2: The Gathering Shadow continues the epic story for $1 IAP
- E2: new subquest - Securing Red Hill Storerooms for Barnett
- E2: Magical staves added to loot in major dungeons
- E2: Added additional dialogs to library to prepare for the east
- E2: weapon smiths sell some mix of all weapon types
- Fixed broken ambush in Smith's Hoard
- Fixed map bugs and dialog typos

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