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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel RPG -- Available on Steam and Weekend Sale

Heroes of Steel RPG for your PC via the world-class Steam platform. To celebrate, 50% off on all mobile platforms, only $2 for your iPad or Android tablet.

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    v2.1.33 - 4/27/2014

  • Our first game available on Steam
  • Added Episode 1: new subquest: Troll-Hunt from Nordhall
  • Added New monster type: short ranged Ratkin Skirmisher
  • Improved Episode 1: monster AI & monster variety
  • Improved Quest log format, included Ep1 & Ep2 indicators
  • Fixed Level requirement for Quicksilver Defense to (now 9)
  • Improved tutorial for PC covered keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved font quality


  1. Heroes of steel is a great game bt like to know when will b the alternative character for outlander coming out as don't want to replay everything

  2. @kock - the Dueler should be out within a few weeks!


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