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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders 4X Alpha - Doors Closing!

We are excited to announce that the doors for the Star Traders Empire in Exodus 4X Alpha are beginning to close.  We will keep them open as long as we can - for a few more days - but it won't last.

This is exciting because as one door closes, another will open!  The Alpha Access team will be released into the first phase of the Alpha and we will open the 4X forum boards!

Don't miss you chance to get in on this if you love Trese Brothers games or 4X!


  1. aww man....but not Windows phone?

  2. We are working on Windows phone support but it will not be part of the alpha. I am the only programmer working on this and that means we sometimes have to pick and choose where the hours are spent.

  3. My brain is melting with all the waiting!


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