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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Hacking Matrix Hosts was Never Same - Cyber Knights 2.0.0

The Matrix spreads before you, an interlinked web of hosts, networks and connections.  It glistens with light, drips Paydata and begs to be hacked.  Welcome to Cyber Knights 2.0.0 where the Global Matrix calls your Hacker like never before.  Now accepting jobs to hack hosts and upload viruses!

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v2.0.0 - 5/13/2014
 - New Job Type: Hack Matrix Host (hack root, deploy virus)
 - Bonus pay for Hackers when Hacking Matrix Hosts
 - Hack Matrix Host jobs are very hard, more help coming
 - Gunslingers gain +10% bonus on Raid jobs
 - Cyberswords gain +10% bonus on Escort jobs
 - Fixed bugs with jobs generating excess Heat (Data Courier and others)
 - Improved labeling on matrix UI

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  1. first off, love the game. how do you find the matrix host,

  2. @ian - yep! We are working on that. First, check the Faction you are set against. Second, visit that Faction and try a data term in their territory. Then look for a host on that network (TelNet) etc.

    This is one of our #1 goals to fix and improve in the next releases!


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