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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel - Major Updates are Coming

Here at Trese Brothers HQ, we are preparing to blast out a big run of updates to Heroes of Steel: Tactics RPG.  The new few weeks are going to be very exciting as we release big content and character expansions, add some long-time missing features, and tackle some of the big UI updates that the game has been needing.

I wanted to take a moment to summarize the big items that are coming, as some of these are being constantly requested across all of our channels!

New Content is Coming

  • Episode 2 Act 2 is coming. Everyone is asking about the  next story update and the City of the Dead.  As we are releasing Heroes of Steel in an episodic fashion, its natural for players to end up at the "content wall" waiting for the next available update to extend the story.  Episode 2 Act 2 doesn't open up the City of the Dead (that will be Episode 3), but it expands on the eastern Underdeep sandbox, adding a number of additional storylines, 10 new dungeons, 2 new towns, and 10 new monster types.  It's going to be a big addition, and should keep you busy for ... a few days at least!  Episode 2 Act 2 also opens up new regions that are rich with potential for new subquests and you'll see these popping up over the next few weeks.
  • The Dueler is up on deck.  Your possible group combinations are now at 8, with Selen, Vincent, and Fyona in the mix.  Kincaid the Dueler will double the combination count again, and put a whole new twist on Heroes of Steel.  We've always said Vraes would be the hardest character to replace in any group, and Kincaid will be both a joy and a challenge to play.  Before we move onto Episode 3, we'll be adding Kincaid into the game to expand the replay possibilities and give everyone a new way to see the game.

Major Features are Coming

  • Adding a World Map of Steel. Especially as Episode 2 Act 2 releases, there are now 112 different maps, towns, and dungeons you can visit in the world of Steel.  The connections and paths through the world are complicated, and its far too much to keep in your head.  There have been some amazing maps created by our community for Episode 1 and Episode 2, but it is time for an in-game solution.  We're working on the prototype of this feature now, and looking to see how tightly we can get it integrated into your group's story progression and Quest Log.  This will be top priority after the release of Episode 2 Act 2.
  • Active Effects constantly visible and easy to access.  Your buffs, effects, and curses an enemy caster has dropped on your characters are critical important in Heroes of Steel.  For too long, they have been tucked away under the Status > Effects section.  We'll be bringing these out onto the main map and ensuring that you can both see their constantly, access them with a single click or tap, and have a visual indication of their remaining duration.  

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