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Heroes of Steel RPG v2.2.5 Update Released

A new release of Heroes of Steel RPG brings new content to existing episodes by Episode 2, Act 2. Explore Gholla, Granthorn and remote hunting lodges in the far west. This new expansion adds new features (monster re-spawning) and new content throughout Episode 2.

Explore the backstory of the world and advance your characters with new experience, levels and equipment.

Heroes of Steel RPG for Android, iOS and Steam
v2.2.5 - 7/7/2014

  • Added potion shop to Granthorn, fixed Granthorn map bugs
  • Improved story response to world events (Gholla Outlook, Valent negotiations)
  • Improved and added back story (Reeve at Granthorn Inn, Hermit in Bone Pass)
  • Improved transitions in story events (Hunting Lodge)
  • Monsters retake some northern travel dungeons after story events
  • Fixed centering of all spider-type monsters
  • Improved balance of War Trolls

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