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Cyber Knights is Coming

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New Features for Star Traders 4X

Upcoming updates to Star Traders 4X make Exploration much more exciting and dynamic. Instead of a fix result, each anomoly now gives the player a choice -- Low Risk/Reward, High Risk/Reward and Ignore.

It also adds several new results you can achieve including +300 RP or Credits. Later updates will include things like new Ships, special events like "Galactic Peace" and whatever else our players suggest.

In addition, these updates will let you pick and choose the exact mix of Factions you want to play with, not just Houses vs. Syndicates. Play Rychart, Steel Song and Javat, if you like. Or Javat, Cadar and Thulun.

Thulun, Javat AND Cadar in the same game!
You will be able to pick individual Factions for your team from the "New Game" screen in the Elite edition.

Take your pick, replace one, two or all three.


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