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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Improving Patreon Rewards - check out $2 to $10

We're very proud to have a small, but growing group of Patrons who are helping to support Trese Brothers with a monthly donation. To encourage new members to join in sponsoring us, we've just re-organized the reward structure to make the lower value pledges more valuable!

Check out Patreon today to see how you can support Trese Brothers and get unprecedented access to their team, art stream, and voting rights on upcoming projects.

As we restructure the Patreon rewards, the most notable changes include reducing the reward for viewing the Exclusive Art Stream to $10 a month, and adding a $2 voting rights reward that will grant you access to monthly polls we will post for Patreon users. In these polls, you'll be asked to pick among a list of characters, game systems, and other game parts that you want to see revamped with art or improved in game play.

We hope you will check it out and consider supporting us for as low as $1 a month:

As you know, we try to be a unique game studio. We tirelessly update our games - almost every game getting an update a week. We pride ourselves on constant customer contact, and fair IAPs. We never use advertising, and our games have very reasonable low prices. If you love these principles, we ask that you join as a patron, for as low as $1 a month, to help us continue to be able to make games, update our games, and be different, unique - be the Trese Bros.


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