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Age of Pirates v1.2.15 brings Weather-aware Encounters

The newest release of Age of Pirates expands the growing catalog of Deep Sea encounters with another five. The encounter engine has also gained a new level of intelligence - it is now aware of weather conditions on the high seas, including high wind rumors, storms, and ice fog. Each comes with its own additional risks and threats, and your Captain will have to doubly weigh the choice of sailing into these dangers!

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v1.2.15 - 11/14/2014
 - Deep Sea Encounters now weather aware (high winds, stormy seas, ice fog)
 - 3 new stormy weather and high wind encounters - watch out, high risk
 - 2 new Ice Fog encounters - trapped in fog, crew disappear
 - Deep Sea Encounter background changes to match weather
 - Fixed map bugs and story typos

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