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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights v2.6.17 - Big Weapon Compat Update

The latest Cyber Knights release makes major improvements on how you can view and confirm weapon compatibility.  The biggest step forward is that weapon shops are now making it easy to see the weapon type and directly check who on the team can use the weapon.  Each weapon shows its type icon, and that icon can be tapped to check to see who can use it.

In addition, the new game screens and Runner lists are now displaying every type of weapon.  Previously, only 4 types were shown, leaving you in the dark about the full picture.  Now, all 12 weapon types are there, even those for Hunds!

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v2.6.17 - 12/18/2014
 - Improved weapon compatability display for Knights & Runners
 - In new game & runner list - tap weapon icon to see specific weapon type
 - In weapon shop, type of weapon icon is displayed
 - In weapon shop, tap weapon type to see which team members can use
 - Elite-only: new KH Merc Runners will be Snipers
 - AgentEX Burst Fire applies accuracy bonus to pistols and SMGs
 - Improved Game Store and IAP


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