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Heroes of Steel v3.1.9

The latest Heroes updates brings new visuals for the Paladin in heavy army and great quality of life upgrades to the HUD.  When your group transitions into Glommed mode, the button changes its visual display to one gold head and two silver heads, indicating that you are grouped.  No more mistakes, wandering off a long distance with one character while the others stand idle.

Fyona the Paladin also received a new skin when she wears heavy armor, combining plate and pauldrons with a horned helm for maximum protection and intimidation.

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v3.1.9 - 11/26/2014
 - Added Heavy armor skin for Fyona the Paladin
 - Glom button in HUD indicates group status visually
 - E3: Fixed typos and map issues, simplified Waystations in SW/SE Wheel Road
 - Explained 1 AP refund for Spirit Sight, Far Sight, and Sly Look when cast from Stealth
 - Corrected AoE target count on large spells, Masterful Disarm, Disarming Touch
 - Improved main menu UI

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