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Heroes of Steel v3.1.17 Released!

This week brings a nice upgrade to the art and animations for Selen, the deadly Rogue and blade dancer. I've also spent some time improving animations for some of the City of the Dead monsters and fixing a few bugs there as well.

With Linux out in the field, we've moved on to doing some house-keeping before we start releasing Episode 4 content. Over the year, and the 100+ hours of story in the game, we've accumulated lots of little reports of things that could be better, possible play-through paths that result in hanging quest logs, and the like. We'll sweeping up these issues in a series of releases that really clear the table for E4 and make sure the story is ready for the big world changes that are coming!

v3.1.17 - 1/16/2015 
 - Fixed / improved story events across E1 & E2 (Red Hill, Torrent Watershed, Oskahold, Riven Field, Brunehorn)
 - Improved Rogue Selen's animations and model
 - Improved monsters in City of Dead, fixed bugs in character animation timing
 - Fixed bug with magical effects on monsters loading first turn
 - Improved status UI, click handler on Talents menu
 - Added hotkeys 1-4 to all status screens

Thanks again to everyone making suggestions, pointing out bugs, and asking for improvements!

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