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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights v2.9.15 Released!

The joys of focused iterative development!  Last week, we were able to get complete the basic implementation of the Exhaustion Meter, and got it tested on a very large number of devices.  With your feedback in hand, we've now struck out for V2 of the meter - fixing bugs and really powering it up.

We've also fixed a series of bugs that are plaguing jobs related to Safehouses and Runners default armor confguration.

What's ne

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v2.9.15 - 3/19/2015
 - Exhaustion meter v2 - improved refresh, sync with exhaustion states, clearer when cramming
 - Fixed and improved default Armors for all Runners
 - Improve balance of jobs offered by Connectors
 - Fixed bugs with dumping ammo after canceling Use Item
 - Fixed bugs with Safehouse jobs and Black Row Safehouse
 - Fixed bugs with Capture for Interrogate losing details on Connector

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