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Star Traders 4X Empires v2.1.7

The newest Empires release crunches down on the tech tree and its use, making it easier and faster on both desktop and mobile.  With the new introduction of right click support on desktop, you can browse and buy new techs without ever leaving the tree.

Other great fixes include improving the deselect behavior of Repair and Refuel (thanks for the request, community) as well as providing more information about xeno worlds.

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v2.1.7 - 3/3/2015
 - Updated Research Tree to be easier to use
 - Adding Technology to Queue is faster
 - Tapping a Xeno World shows the alien's name
 - Fixed bugs with auto-move and cancel move
 - Further combat & political balancing updates
 - Do not unselect Repair or Refuel Training after use
 - Desktop: Right Click Support for Units on Map
 - Desktop: Right Click in Tech Tree

Now on Steam!
Star Traders 4X Empires

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Star Traders 4X Empires
Star Traders 4X Empires Elite

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Star Traders 4X Empires Elite
Star Traders 4X Empires

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Star Traders 4X Empires
Star Traders 4X Empires Elite

For PC, Mac and Linux
Star Traders 4X Empires


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