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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Coming Soon: Short Fiction from the Star Traders Universe

Star Traders RPG - and in fact, all of our games - have always drawn authors and creators. A game like Star Traders invites you to create your own story.  It helps support your Captain's tale, but it doesn't crowd you out with too many details.  You get to fill in the gaps with your own imagination.

It is likely that it was these qualities that drew the author Brett Caron (@brettcaron) to Star Traders RPG.  From his first Captain "Quasar Pants" to those Captains he plays today, Brett found a world that invited creativity, storytelling and writing.

Cory and I have been excited to work with Brett over the past months to break ground on sharing a new perspective from the Star Traders universe.  Brett's masterful writing has helped us tell the story of a Captain in a new way, and to bring the lens closer than ever before to the life and reality of the Star Traders, their officers and their crew.

Over the weekend, Brett's first work within the Star Traders universe will join the Heroes of Steel comic on the digital shelves of Google Play, iBooks, and the Kindle bookstore.

For all the veteran Captains of Star Traders, this is one you won't want to miss.  While it isn't the story of "Quasar Pants" (perhaps, that can be for another day), Brett's moving writing brings to life the world of a Star Trader in ways that you only imagine when playing the games.

Coming Soon:
No Legacy Between The Stars
By Brett Caron


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