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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Templar Assault 2: Dev Blog #1

As we've recently shared the news that Templar Assault 2 is coming soon on our Star Traders 2 KickStarter, we want to take another opportunity to share the game's progress and some of its exciting system development via a series of Dev Blog posts.  These posts will include work-in-progress screenshots and share where we are at right now, where we are going, and what is really exciting about TA2!

Templar Assault 2 is our third game on the Cocos 2DX engine that we first debut with Heroes of Steel and then progressed with Star Traders 4X Empires.  We've taken what we learned from those two great games and progressed the engine and game play even farther with TA2.

As a top-down tactics game, Templar Assault 2 lets you focus on building and perfecting a larger team strategy.  You're in charge of recruiting an army of Scouts, Soldiers, heavy weaponry specialists, melee Berserks, Paladins and more.

The fearsome Hydra Templar unleashes a gout of super-heated flame

Where in Heroes of Steel, you face every challenge with four heroes, in Templar Assault you'll be deploying different configurations of your force to the field with every battle, and tailoring your forces to the exact challenge.

You'll have to face some missions with only a few Scouts and a Captains, while others you'll use the full force of your army.  And so, as the commander of the Templar force, you'll be on the hook to build an army that has the right blend of specialists to face any challenge at hand.

We'll be sharing more details about the game's progress every week, so sign up, subscribe, plug in!

The carnage, holding a bridge against waves


  1. This looks to be another winner. Please remember to take a few breaks at least so you don't overwork yourselves.


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