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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Episode 4 - Rise of the Chosen

Harken, heroes! Come forth, the Chosen of Death!

Episode 4, Rise of the Chosen is now going live across all platforms. Break free of the Sheltered Sanctuary, and fight your way back into a changed world. The first release of E4 includes the prologue arc - a short re-introduction to the Underdeep after your confrontation in the City of the Dead - and 5 dungeons. More content is coming soon, but the road has been opened once again.

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v4.1.1 - 5/30/2015
 - Episode 4 Rise of the Chosen - continue epic story from the City of the Dead
 - First prologue arc of Episode 4 released - escape the Sheltered Sanctuary!
 - 5 new dungeons, new monster types, new gear, weapons and armor
 - Added double-tap or click to game's list
 - Improved Paladin's healing talents, Kyera's 6+ healing
 - Fixed Druid and Fog of War bugs
 - Improved UI behavior during story events 

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  1. When will ep4 actually be available on iPad?

  2. As soon as Apple approves it for release. We are working with them as much as we can.


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