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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders "Choice Project" on Patreon

Yesterday, we rolled out a new project on our Patreon site. I've been kicking it around for some time, but I have finally got enough details straightened out that I want to take this one out of the lab and into the light.

Above is the first panel of a web comic set in the Star Traders universe. In the next moment, you'll get a chance to meet the protagonist, the Captain, who is lying on the ground with a hexshell wound.

That will be the first Choice Moment. I will be asking all Patreons with voting rights (pledging at $2 / month or higher) to vote on different options to steer the characters and story (see below for the entire prompt). As the story progresses, I will keep polling our Patreons to make decision -- both big and small -- about the story, events, and characters. As a Patreon, you can share the driver's seat.

At this point, the key question is interest. Is this a project that gets you excited and you'll be eager to vote? Let's find out!

For the foreseeable future, the comic will be gray scale.

Sign up with a small monthly pledge on Patreon today to join in the Choice Project.

Choice Moment #1

The ringing of hexshell fire is still reverberating through the cargo hold. The Captain's blood splatters across the corrugated deck.

Staring at the boots approach, and the heavy hexshell rifle, the Captain tries to focus. "Off kilter..." the Captain thinks. "Things have been off kilter for a while."

Identity Decision *

[ ] The Captain is male
[ ] The Captain is female
[ ] That's not the Captain! That's an male Officer
[ ] That's not the Captain! That's an female Officer

* More identity questions will follow in later panels, including profession and faction allegiance


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