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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Major Episode 4 Expansion Release!

The world of Steel trembles as the Harbingers ride to battle once again!  Episode 4 has received a major expansion today, opening up 3 new story arcs and moving the main story forward another stride toward the final climax.  

The expansion has added over 15 new types of monsters and some major new bosses.  Their lairs and the expanse of the Underdeep includes 11 new dungeons, and one new town. On top of the new advesaries, there are hundreds of new pieces of weapons, armor and gear to kit out your groups in, and you'll find some of the mightiest items you've seen yet.  Even more, if you are playing Kincaid, Vraes, or Fyona, you have the chance to encounter your hero's legendary item and unique story content.

We've also fixed a host of bugs, including a nasty bug that was making mouse hovers go berserk on some desktops.

v4.2.1 - 2/9/2016
 - Major Episdoe 4 Expansion Pack!
 - Start new story arc by visiting Tevensa, Erghanna, Kea or Tyrae
 - Start new story arc at the Brunehorn docks; go to the Darkmoss
 - Storm Bastion back gate is now opened; visit Ancient Monastery
 - Added 11 new dungeons / regions and 1 new town
 - Added 15 new monster types and major bosses
 - Added 100+ new epic weapons, armor and gear 
 - New Legendary Items story events for Vraes, Kincaid, Fyona
 - Added display of Strength minimum Damage to talent detail box
 - 6 Range Curses (Ethereal, Choking, etc) go to 7 Range at level 8
 - Added Crag Peak as a permanent part of the road east to Granthorn
 - Up-balanced the Heartbeats of Summer story item
 - Improved keyboard arrow scrolling, improve hover over Talents list
 - Improved sorting of Gear by level as well as type
 - Fixed bugs with very high leaderboard scores
 - Fixed desktop issue with hover breaking over talent list
If you have come out of the far side of the City of the Dead, then your ready to move forward on any of these new story arcs.  First, you can visit Kea, Tyrae, the Druid Erghanna or Tevensa's alter to continue the main quest.

Also, if you have been to the Storm Bastion, then the defensive wards they have been working are now complete, and the back gate can be opened at last. The winding track up to the monastery awaits.

The Captains at the Brunehorn docks will also take you into the Darkmoss Swamps to visit the Druid Erghanna, regardless of which family you supported in the conflict over Ember.  Heroes such as yourself would do well to talk to one of the Dhrogas, and you can kick off a new story arc by heading that way.


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