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Star Traders Choice Project - define officers

After page 4, I got pretty excited and powered through to page 5, which includes a really important choice moment and a poll of sorts. You can see right in the artwork what we will be deciding!

In this panel, you meet two of Captain Avenira's crew. They've both been subdued by the Bounty Hunter's beefy pistoleer. This choice moment is to bring these two crew members to life.

We'll use this moment to poll our Patreons to pick -- the name, appearance, job, traits, personality quirks, backstory -- basically anything you want to provide, about these two characters. I will keep a running post of the "top ideas" and everyone can weigh in on what they like, or provide their own additions to the story.
In the end, I will synthesize two new crew members from the top input, so it is important to chime in if you see someone else post something you like too.
Here are some things to consider:
  • We're looking for interesting folks here! The Captain keeps a small crew, around the size of Firefly, so there are likely to be 6 folks on the Vigilant, so we want each one to be unique and awesome in their own way. Really, with a crew of 6, every crew member is basically an officer.
  • These two are a male and female who were captured during the time that the Bounty Hunter and his henchman snuck onto the Vigilant. This means neither is a hardened combat veteran who would never be taken alive.
  • Neither of these characters will die in the following scene, but no promises after that.
When you post your comment, please start with the following aspects for one or both characters:
  • Name
  • Job (think Officers in ST, ... Mechanic, Spy, Diplomat, Scout, wise old man). 
  • Appearance (I will redo the comic panel based on the polling!)
  • Two character strengths and two character flaws
The conversation is likely to be broken up between the forum post and the Patreon page, so please post to either location.

Let's make something awesome together! :D

A huge thanks to our Patreons for their support in all of our gaming endeavors.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. A GREAT idea and really well rendered. Check out our if you haven't!

  3. Really neat concept, and the author collaborated with gamers to create it, which is awesome.


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