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Heroes of Steel v4.2.21 Released!

This week includes a very exciting release in both balancing and in streamlining game play.

We've improve the feature of all Buffs that add max HP (Stone Skin, Righteous Fervor) so that they maintain your HP percentage during the casting.  Therefore, if you were at 100% health, you'll end the Buff with 100% health.  You'l no longer need to quaff a potion or cast a healing spell.  A big thanks to the community members who championed this change, it is a great addition and makes certain heroes far less clicky to play.

Second, with the massive damage ranges of 2H weapons in the later Episodes, it was simply too good looking to avoid changing the Strength bonus on 2H weapons from 150% to 200%.  Now featuring +32 base Dmg, at a smith or treasure chest near your location.  Enjoy!

Finally, we've updated the in-game display to accurately show -Armor and -Resistance.  Your heroes have been able to curse these stats negative forever, but the game was failing to show the values, stopping both of them at 0.  The game now displays both, and displays them negative.  Keep in mind that -Armor or -Resistance means [i]more[/i] Damage on your physical or magical attacks.

In bug news, we fixed an issue with Pinning Shot and Torrent of Steel that allowed your cursing attack to take enemies to 0 AP, which would cause them to stand around for the turn and take no action.  No curses can reduce an enemy to 0 AP, you can only get as low as 1 AP.

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v4.2.21 - 3/24/2016
 - +HP Buffs (Stone Skin, Righteous Fervor) maintain your HP percentage (reducing need to heal)
 - For 2-H Strength-based weapons, minimum Damage roll is 200% Strength (up from 150%)
 - Fixed monster detail display to show -Armor and -Resistance due to over-Cursing
 - Negative Armor or negative Resistance increases Attack Dmg
 - Fixed Torrent of Steel, Pinning Shot, Crippling Strikes bug taking enemies to 0 AP

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