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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Subjective Vengeance - New Short Fiction from the Star Traders Universe

In collaboration with Brett Caron (@brettcaron), we are proud to announce the release of the second book set in the Star Traders universe -- Subjective Vengeance.  This time, join a sleek Smuggler and a deadly Bounty Hunter as they ply the gritty, unforgiving galaxy of Star Traders.

Download his work from any of the major online markets:

It’s hard to make friends with bounty hunters. In a galaxy this harsh, this unforgiving, you never know who might pay them enough to conveniently forget that fact. Bell, a man who believes that the credits of any great House or Syndicate are as good as the other, has finally found people he trusts - Captain Daf Koryama and the crew of the Broken Record. He thought he’d left the back streets and vicious gangs of Steelcrank far behind him.

But when a ghost from his past appears, now a rival hunter with a valid warrant and hungering for revenge, it kickstarts a breakneck chase through intrastellar space and a terrifying journey into the void. Now Bell must decide what matters more - his friends, his life, or the credits?

If you missed Brett's first work, No Legacy Between the Stars, catch up here:


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