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Heroes of Steel v4.2.37 - Remembering Active Hero & Auto-Glom

This week, we've kept the focus on quality of life improvements around Auto-Glom.  First up, the game now remembers your active character as you travel through the world.  If you lead with your sneak, you can now traverse the world without ever changing characters.  A small thing, but a big impact!

Second, if enabled, Auto-Glom now fires after the last turn of combat ends.  Its another case that can help you get back to playing quicker with less clicks on the UI.

Thanks to everyone who is suggesting improvements, we are very excited to be rolling them into the game, even years after release.

In case you haven't heard, we recently shared new fiction within the world of Steel. We have the privilege to work with some awesome authors who are helping us spin new stories within our game worlds.  The Reclamation follows the tale of the gloomer Landon, who has decided he can no longer live in the prison that is the Underdeep.  He must see the sun!

Check out all of the Trese Brothers fiction at our fiction main site!

v4.2.37 - 
 - Read new fiction world of Steel, download The Reclamation today
 - Currently selected character remembered when traveling between regions
 - Improved Auto-Glom to fire after last turn of combat
 - Fixed crashes on game load with present enemies
 - Fixed typos and map bugs, reported crashes

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