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Battleforce v2.3.13: New War Gear + Flame Turrets + Ordnance Upgrade

This week, we're rolling out a new set of enhancements.  We've taken some time to re-balance and improve some of the starting war gear in the game, switching the Multi-Target Ocular with the Security Ocular, which better fits its Templar classes.  We've improved some of the late-game gear for Scouts and your Captain, including the Pilot Sensorkit.

After last weeks update to make Tact Point turrets animate and fire, we've given new excitement to the Flame Defenses on your Tact Points -- they now spew persistent napalm attacks against your targets.  If the original damage doesn't kill them, its possible the follow-up flame damage will!

Finally, we've improved the defensive Ordnances that buff your armor and special types of resistance.

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v2.3.13 - 7/16/2016
 - Flame Turret on Tact Point spews napalm flame
 - Added new starting Gear: Scoped Pilot Kit
 - Improved War Gear: Prescience Sense, Pilot Sensorkit, replaced Multi-Target Ocular with Security Ocular
 - Improved effect of Radiation/Flame/Deflect/Irid Field Kit Ordanances
 - Improved challenge of level 20+ enemies

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