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30% Off Templar Battleforce for Year Anniversary

This weeks' follow-up release to the major Shock Hammers update last week brings patches and a new Ordnance.

We've added a specific Ordnance, Shock Resupply, to handle resupply orders for the newest Paladin Talents.

We've also modified your Battleforce Record to include the full count of all RQ you've spent throughout your squad's history.  Check it out, how high can you go?

There was a bug with the new Command Relic armor that could cause a crash, now fixed.  We had a few bugs reported about the victory conditions on the Stratos Elevator complex, which are all fixed now.  Finally, there was a typo that caused the Adept-Proc war gear (which is Gear Level 1) to get the stats of the Gear Level 4 Irid Sheathe.  Now fixed!

We've also made sure that your Paladin doesn't Respec with any Talents that require shields, so that you can really focus down on the hammer if you want!

Thanks for your support as we hit our one year annivesary of Templar Battleforce!  If you've enjoyed the FULL YEAR of updates and no paid DLC, please leave a review!

v4.2.17 - 9/23/2016
 - Added new Ordnance: Shock Resupply to resupply new Paladin Talents
 - Battleforce Record now states total Requisition spent
 - Fixed bug with Relic Command Armor causing crashes
 - Fixed bugs in Stratos Elevator Complex victory conditions
 - Fixed mix-up between Irid-Sheathe and Adept-Proc War Gears
 - Improved Respec routine for Paladin

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