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Templar Battleforce v2.4.11: Captain Attacks and Overwatch

As we prep to move onto the next release of new weaponry and Talents, we've doubled-back to make some improvements to the Captain's single-target attack Talents and fix some issues within Overwatch.

We've up-balanced the Captains' Slash by adding Penetration % after level 5, and increased the damage bonuses to Precision Fire at every level of the Talent.  These two now better line up against other options for attacks, especially as their Heat cost is still low.

Within Overwatch, we've made a few important fixes.  The Overwatch Talent no longer applies a Buff.  There were some issues with that Buff timing out or not being applied in certain circumstances, and an exploit related to that Buff and Ordnances that increased duration.  However, while it no longer displays as a Buff, the bonuses are applied to every Overwatch attack.  We've updated the Talent's text display to make this more clear.

v4.2.11 - 9/2/2016
 - Improve Captain's attack Talents: Slash (+Pen %) and Precision Fire (+Dmg)
 - Fixed bugs applying full benefit of Overwatch attack bonuses from higher levels
 - Display of Overwatch attack bonuses no longer displayed as Buff
 - Fixed bug with Ordnance extending Overwatch buffs

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