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Cyber Knights is Coming

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This week, we've got our hands on some Steam controllers and are making strides to adding full Steam controller support.  The first step has been to add missing keybindings -- you can now bind to Prev Templar (Ctrl) and Prev Talent (Z) and Next Talent (X).  These new bindings let a controller setup work much smoother, paging backward and forward through ready Templars, as well as moving through a Templar's Talents without having to bring the mouse / controller anywhere near the Talent bar.  It's a great QoL improvement for anyone playing with a controller or even a mouse.  We're working toward official controller support, so stay tuned as we keep making improvements.

To help anyone who wants to try out a controller, we've published a controller config called "Trese Bros: October Best".  Once we get full support, we'll publish a recommended config.

We've also added an internal setting that remembers the sort setting on your Templar list.  We fixed the balance of Wrathful Defense 4-7.

We've made some balance changes to Stacking Buffs for the Paladin.  First up, Stacking Buffs were never intended to be affected by Ordnance that increased Buff duration -- that bug is now fixed. Second, we've increased the duration of the stackable Buffs -- up to 3 and 4 for the higher level ones.  We also fixed a bug where no buffs were applied if you killed [i]lots[/i] of enemies (4+).

v2.4.21 - 10/3/2016
 - Increased duration of higher level Embrace stacking buffs
 - Added new hotkeys for Prev Templar, Next / Prev Talent
 - Veteran sorting preference remembered
 - Adjusted benefits of Wrathful Defense 4-7
 - Fixed bug where Righteous Embrace was not Stacking Buffs on 4+ Kills
 - Fixed bug where Stacking Buffs were effected by Ordnance
 - Fixed bug with Tact Point defenses killing enemy bosses

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