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Templar Battleforce: v2.5.3 Pyro Patches

Every great and fiery update needs a patch to follow!  The Pyro Engineer has rolled onto the scene with great success, but we've closed a few bugs in this follow-up patch.

We've fixed the Pyro's attack animation to be more flamey.  We've fixed the labeling of the Flame Tank armor to correctly read "Engineers and Hydras Only".  We fixed a bug with the Achievement for getting all of an Engineer's Requisition levels -- you'll need to get all of the Flame Tank levels now as well.

We've cleaned up an issue reporting 0 Secondary Objectives on The FLance Boarding March, an odd bug you could get renaming Templars, and some issues with the options screen being finicky.

All set -- patches away!  Burn baby burn!

v2.5.3 - 11/12/2016
 - Fixed bug mis-labeling Flame Tank Armor as Heavy
 - Fixed issue with Engineering All-Tech Achievement
 - Fixed Secondary Objective count in Ferarai Lance Boarding March
 - Improved animation for Pyro Engineer firing hand flamer
 - Fixed issues with designer and renaming Templars
 - Fixed issues with option menu

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