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Heroes of Steel v4.4.3: More Bloodstones and Patches!

Following up the major story expansion over the weekend, we're dropping a big patch release to wrap up all the reported issues!  Thanks for your patience with the bugs, we're lucky to be able to respond and fix so quickly.

We also took the opportunity to add +16 new Bloodstones across Episode 1.  The clamor and cry for "more Bloodstones" is pretty strong, and this is a great way to introduce the crafting system into the first Episode, which was locked up until at least the start of Episode 2.

If you happened to have an issue with Vincent's new Legendary Weapon, just reload your game -- it will appear either in his hand or in your inventory.  Our apologies about this ghosting bug!

Thanks to everyone leaving a review!

v4.4.3 - 4/28/2017
 - Added 16 new Bloodstones to Episode 1 - craft early and often!
 - Fixed issues with Vincent's Legendary Weapon - reload game
 - Fixed Head Taker's Boon and Words of Holy Bond items
 - Fixed issue with leveling talents, re-ordering group after new story events
 - Fixed issues with Crafted Armors, uncraftable armors, weapon names
 - Fixed exit from Ruins of Platinum Peak, impassible tiles in Great Salt Flats, empty chests

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