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Vigilante Sky pg 17 + New CYOA Poll

Our Patreons have spoken (voted) and Julia and Orchid are having a playful conversation about what type of knife is best to deter drunken sailors in the Spice Hall. Derrick (in the top panels) catches the first glimpse of the monster sandstorm bearing down on the ship and meeting site.

Thanks to everyone supporting us on Patreon and participating in the Vigilante Sky project. I can't express how much working on the art for this project is teaching me. It is constantly forcing me to try new perspectives, new subjects, repetitively draw the same character -- all so good for me as an artist -- so thank you!

Last week's character building poll was a success and I'd like to do a few more of those to help get some ideas about the other officers. I have to introduce the last crew member Argus soon, so I'd like to take a poll -- where is he and what is he doing during the last 17 pages?

Join us on Patreon for as little as $2 / month to vote on polls, or $1 a month to get a monthly digital wallpaper!

Here are some suggestions:

A) Hard at work in the engine compartment, fixing something that broke during landing.

B) Taking a rest in the engine compartment, smoking a spice tobic.

C) Playing Pilot on the bridge and smoking a spice tobic.

D) Tinkering with some exciting gadget invention that might come in use later.

E) Write ins!

As a reminder, here is Argus' profile, as voted in by the Patreons --

Argus "duct-tape' Rawlins
-- An excellent mechanic who can fix almost anything with basic materials and his superior knowledge. Often able to grok-and-use new equipment or machinery with only a few minutes.
-- Lives life with a very jolly demeanor and a twinkle in his eye
-- From the world of Mettsa Prime, and bears its incredibly thick accent, at times almost unintelligible (I will put subtitles in the comic if needed )
-- Stocky, heavy set, huge shoulders and hands like hams. Under his mechanics garb, he is hirsute.


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