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Heroes of Steel v4.4.7: Tower Battlements and Status Improvements

This week, we've fixed a bug that was trapping some players on the Tower Battlements area of Episode 4.  If you were stuck up there, the stairs are once again functional!  Sorry about the bug.

We also have resolved an issue with the loot group around the Tretherin Staff in late Episode 4 ... where it was supposed to be dropping lots of juicy staves, the loot selector was only pulling the Tretherin over and over and ... over.  Now fixed -- some really powerful rods coming out of that group now.

Finally, a big thanks to a couple of Steam players pressing us to improve the status display around magical weapons and the strong and standard dice pools.  As you can see in the screenshot above, we've made some really nice quality of life improvements to bring all the data together in one place.  In the dice pool calculations, an 's' indicates  Strong Dice where no letter indicates Standard Dice.  There are more details on that in the Combat Guide on Steam if you want know exactly how all those D10s are rolled!

v4.4.7 - 5/23/2017
 - Fixed issue leaving Tower Battlements in Episode 4
 - Fixed loot group issues around Tretherin Staff
 - Magical weapon stats shown inline with accuracy and defense
 - Accuracy and Defense display indicate strong dice with an 's'
 - Accuracy and Defense display show calculated totals for all dice pools
 - Fixed map bugs On Steam

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