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Templar Battleforce v2.6.31: Patches and Community RFEs

First, we fixed the low damage bug on Critical Hits.  They have been restored to their deserved glory, and your Templars can once again hope to see Critical! flash across the screen.

Second, this week, we've knocked off a number of patches and RFEs based on player feedback.  We've added the count of secondary objectives to the objective list so that you can see how many SOs are present while you are playing the level, not only afterwards.

The combat log was dropping damage rolls that turned up 0 -- where the armor out-rolled the damage.  But, these were some of the most interesting rolls in the game, so we've corrected that issue.

We've improved the display of many AoE Talents that were failing to list the Skill used to determine their max targets (Medic, Engineer, Tactics).  Also, we've put in a max targets number for grenade attack Talents to make it clear that grenades always have a chance to hit any enemies under the AoE template.

For debuffing accuracy and defense, if you over-curse a target's strong dice, the remaining negative points transfers down to their standard dice.  This gives high level debuffing a definite boost.

Please be sure to post on the discussion boards with your feedback or suggestions to see improvements to the game.  And, remember to leave a review!

v2.6.31 - 7/5/2017
 - Added count of Secondary Objectives to the Objectives screen during levels
 - Improved combat log to show damage and armor rolls even when final damage is 0
 - Fixed the issue with the extremely low Critical Damage
 - Overflow from debuffs on strong dice reduce weak dice
 - Clarified "max targets" in all Talent displays
 - Fixed issue with AoE attacks treating ties as misses, fixed related log issues

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