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Vigilante Skies: Introducing a Gestalt Technologist

Thanks to our Patreon crew for supporting the creation of this free Star Traders comic for all!

Ava and Derrick ride with the crate as Raven drives the RTV out to the meetup. Still building up the required layers to get this done, but finally, a page away from the hand-off and then we're moving on! As Capt Avery says, "Make the damn hand off (already)!"

It is exciting to see the first Gestalt Technologist in the flesh. They're in Star Traders 2 already (without their art), along with the Chasein Doctors, the two very different medical traditions of the Star Traders people.

In the end, very happy with the taking off the helmet sequence.

Ok, new poll. The unnamed Bounty Hunter clearly arrived on this world in a starship. Likely a small one, just like Space Girl with a crew of less than 10. Now that he is captured and the hand-off is proceeding, should his crew take things into their own hand come buzzing in to try to break up the hand-off?

1) Yes! Try to break up the party with some blazing guns!

2) They're indecisive without their Captain or don't realize what has happened. The sandstorm will take care of it. Let the hand-off end!

3) Something else?

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