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Star Traders: Frontiers Update #8

Calling all Captains!
Another update sings out across the Hyperwarp. Join us!

We talked about our long term roadmap in our last update and tonight we have an important Quality of Life and stability release. We're trying to get these out of the way so we can move on with the UI updates  and v2.1 features.

Mutation Updates

A hot-topic on the Steam forums, Trait mutation determines how your Crew's Traits change and drift over time based on the Captain's actions. We've been collecting feedback and metrics about these mutations and v2.0.21 includes some updates you've suggested. This should help improve some obvious problems (too much Merciless!) and smooth out some of the progressions.

We are actively looking for ideas for additional Trait mutations ("Maybe if you Increase Salary in Mutiny it could cause Greedy?") and welcome discussions about anything confusing or not-fun happening with Traits.

Balance and Mechanics

We are grinding away at improving mechanic transparency and improving balance. This update includes a few fixes here like correctly displaying the risk and reward percentages in the Explorer game. This patch also addresses some Talent issues you've pointed out on the Steam Discussions board. Thank you for those!

Platform Support

We are continuing to work towards better support for all our platforms, improved feature parity and boosted performance for all. This release includes some draw optimization and icons for Win32, addition of mouse-hover support in Linux and better pointer / hover performance in Mac OS X.

[h1]v2.0.21 - 11/29/2017[/h1]
 - Win32: Improved Taskbar and Window Icons
 - Linux: Added mouse hover support, Improved 3rd Button
 - Mac OS X: Improved mouse hover performance
 - Fixed Merciless Trait Mutation Rate
 - Fixed Malcontent + Loyal Trait Mutations
 - Improved display of Risk and Reward factors in Explore/Spy/Blockade/Patrol
 - Improved balance of Secrets Unbound Talent - now fires on landing
 - Balanced cost of Retrain in Credits for Hard, Brutal, Impossible
 - Fixed Missions showing multiple options in landing or orbit
 - Fixed cooldown issue with Welcoming Conscription
 - Fixed issue with repeat completion of Stash missions
 - Fixed crew combat duplicate selection bugs
 - Reworked Richness Scale on Wild Zones
 - Promotions now consume 1 turn (Edict/Rank/Permit)


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