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Star Traders: Frontiers Update #16: Rychart Hat Monolopy

The spice hall is jovial this time of year, so its time for another big update! 

If you haven't accepted your charter and stepped on to the bridge of a spaceship, the time is now Captains!  Star Traders: Frontiers is 20% off for the Christmas sale and we hope you'll join us on this Early Access adventure. We've knocked out 16 big updates now with the game being less than 40 days old, so we are keeping to the Relentless Pace (TM) we promised.  Join up today!

Now onto the update!

Hats and Helmets

While the Rychart have long held a monopoly on the biggest and best hats, a trade alliance has finally be reached that will release those hats to the Star Trader Captains of the galaxy. No, it doesn't make any sense -- but we did add hats and helmets!  They can be combined with other character design elements like eyepatches for great effect.  We've included 3 in this first update and will be pushing a bunch more options in soon. Now that there are so many fancy things, the AI is going to have to learn some new styles as well.

Event Log

The response to the new event log has been so overwhelmingly positive we couldn't be happier.  We've received some feedback on how to improve it and will be keep working on it each release.  In this release, we've included a extra detail that lists how many Saving Talents you have left for any given Skill.  We've also almost doubled the amount of narrative text being generated and plan to keep exploding that generator.

Death and Game Over

We've fixed a number of issues related to death, game over screen and surrender conditions. We resolve the rare situation in which a Captain could die, but then continue to live on as a ghost for a little while longer.  Death always catches up eventually -- check out Heroes of Steel if you need to learn that lesson. We also fixed the rules around imprisonment -- you'll always be doing at least a year of hard time now. Finally, we vastly improved the Captain Memorial screen that shows all your stats after you die.  Try not to die -- the new screen is good, but its not that good!

v2.0.41 - 12/21/2017
 - Added character hats and helmets - military beret, wide-brimmed hat, hunter helmets
 - Combine hats with eye patches, armbands and other design elements and more coming soon!
 - Hovers over Event List for Saving Talents includes count of Talents still in reserve for specific Skill
 - Fixed issues with duplicate High Prince Contacts
 - Improved Captain Memorial / Game Over Screen
 - Fixed issue sometimes allowing dead Captain to keep flying a bit longer
 - Captain Imprisonment now takes at least 1 year minimum
 - Clarified some mission text for easier reading
 - Fixes Various bugs in Explorer, Orbital Ops, Black Market
 - Improved Event Log text generator
 - Improved armband placement in animations
 - Fixed story bugs


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